Well, this is depressing.

Okay people, let’s try this again…I did not have ONE single person email me for a chance to win a copy of my ebook. I spent a good bit of time considering this last night, as I watched the clock tick slowly toward midnight. Since this is my virgin voyage as a self-published writer, I am naturally curious and anxious about what my readers will think. But, the sad results of my little contest have brought to my attention a plethora of emotions that I wasn’t ready to acknowledge and I will never be comfortable experiencing: insecurity, frustration, cluelessness, neediness, and (by far the worst) a touch of depression.

Is it the quality of my writing?

I’m fairly sure it has been edited as tightly as possible, all random ramblings were thoroughly hacked. God, I hope it isn’t the grammar, please say it’s not the grammar! I’ve been a Grammar Nazi for more years than I can count; it would truly suck to find out that I have corrected incorrectly, or even incorrectly corrected, this whole time.

Is it the quality of the story?

I guess it could be, but how do you know if the story sucks unless you read it? Maybe it just doesn’t sound fresh or appealing. Hmmmm, that’s a thought…a shitty one, but a thought nonetheless.

Is it the blurb?

That sounds likely. I’m a voracious reader, I know how important the synopsis is to attracting readers. I have to admit that writing the blurb was much harder than writing the actual book, I worked for hours on those few piddly paragraphs and I still don’t think they describe the book accurately. Hey, I have an idea! Read the book and then rewrite the blurb for me, if I like it, I will publish it and give you credit! Succumb to the ego stroke…succumb to the ego stroke…you could do a much better job than I did…prove it to me…prove it to everyone

Is it the value of the prize?

The book is priced at a meager $0.99; so winning a free copy is not exactly going to help anyone stave off bankruptcy, or see anyone run out to Vegas because they want to try out their new lucky streak, but it is several hours of free entertainment in a world where nothing is free! Damn people, that has to count for something!

The fact is, I don’t know why not one single person could be bothered to send one freakin’ email, but I’m not a quitter…and there are six more days of this stinkin’ contest so send me a freakin’ email and win a freakin’ copy of my book so you can let me know how freakin’ awesome it is!

Or not. But I would rather the awesome thing…

Click the image below to see the contest details and find out how to enter. ENTER THE CONTEST, at this point you’re almost guaranteed to win…ebook giveaway

2 thoughts on “Well, this is depressing.

  1. londenberg says:

    that’s pretty cool. im an underground writer with a loyal following which has forced me to write a fantasy book named LondenBerg by Lord Biron, check it out sometime. thanks.

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