All of the Cool Kids Got a Free Copy of My Book, Where’s Yours?

I’m cool, are you? Not everybody can be cool, but you can up your chances during the next twenty-four hours…

Well, it’s actually more like twenty-six and a half hours if you want to be nit-picky, but that wouldn’t be cool, so just go with the twenty-four hours thing; it has a much better flow. 

The Plan: 

The first fifteen people who send me an email request, will get a brand-spankin’ new Kindle edition of my Paranormal Romance entitled, Control. It is the first book in the Soul of Voodoo series. Control is funny, sexy, and romantic; with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and bring you to the edge of your seat. Take a sneak peak here on my blog, or read the first ten percent on Goodreads!

In the rush to be cool, don’t forget to email me at for your free Kindle edition!!

book blog header2

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