I Am Trendsetter, Hear Me Roar.

After a few weeks of offering anything short of gratuitous sex in order to market my book, I have realized something. It’s not a completely new revelation, I guess in a way I knew it already. 


Well, my grand revelation is that my book simply does not fit it with other books. It is the social outcast of the Paranormal Romance genre. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the geeky social outcast, that gets beat up at recess. No…my book would totally kick your book’s ass in a fight.

Don’t test that theory, bitches.

My book is the social outcast that is so cool that all of the other books are a little afraid of standing in next to it. You know, like how ugly girls try not to stand too close to the pretty girls, because they might look extra ugly. Fugly.

The problem is, my book didn’t ask to be the pretty, bad-ass, book that she is (yes, she is a she). She isn’t a bitch, she is just misunderstood. Not anymore though, she is tired of being misunderstood.

It is time for her to come clean…she isn’t a Paranormal Romance. We have considered the possibility for a while and now she wants to admit it.  Not just admit it, she wants to come off the bookshelf and shout it out to the world.

I am not a Paranormal Romance, dammit! 

Unfortunately, we still have a bit of a problem. What the hell is she?

There is, without a doubt, a paranormal component. Oh, she has romance, she is practically oozing that shit! There is more to her though, much more…she has comedy, that’s it! She’s damn funny! I’m not talking about little sarcastic comments or snarky remarks that are sprinkled in for flavor. No, it’s more than the occasional chuckle.  It is Comedy!

I see what I have to do now, I’m just sorry that it hasn’t been done before now. I have to create a new genre:

She is the first (as far as you know) Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Yep, I always knew I was a trendsetter…

Parameters for Paranormal Romantic Comedies: 
1. Must be characterized as Romance (plot is about romantic relationship)NOT Chick-Lit (plot is about MCs issues, of which romance plays a small part) . 
2. Must have a genuine element of Comedy (not just a bit of snark or sarcasm sprinkled in for flavor) 
3. Must contain a plot line that involves a Paranormal event (if you don’t know, you have taken a wrong turn somewhere)

So to celebrate, or rather, to embrace the creation of a new genre, I have created a new group on Goodreads. Now, all of those other books that have been incorrectly tucked away on the overcrowded PNR shelves can finally stand up and shout out to the world,

“I will not be contained in only two literary classifications! I am a Paranormal Romantic Comedy, hear me ROAR!”

group image

Don’t be shy, join us…find out what you have been missing! Click the Image to join my new group on Goodreads, Paranormal Romantic Comedies. You’ll be glad that you did!


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