My Review of Magic at Work, by Sotia Lazu

Magic at WorkMagic at Work by Sotia Lazu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is something about gettin’ your mack on at work that is really appealing to me…if you know what I mean. *wink, wink*

Therefore, when I saw this title and read the blurb, I snatched it up like it was the last cupcake on the buffet table and read it in one sitting. Ooohhh man, I was not disappointed! It was Hotty Fatotty, so hot that I had to make up a new phrase to suit its relative hotness. I mean, seriously…unbridled sex…in the rain. W.O.W.

Another thing about Magic at Work that appealed to me, was the minimalist approach to the paranormal. Sometimes, the entire story line is so dependent on the paranormal aspect of the plot that the reader cannot get a true sense of the characters. They become one dimensional, and if you take away the paranormal, you neither have characters nor do you have a story.

This is not the case in Magic at Work, the paranormal is subtle, it is applied with a light hand. Like good make-up, it is used to enhance the natural beauty of the story rather than paint it up like a garish whore.

So, it is safe to say that I highly enjoyed the premise and the story. The flow of the story was exceptional, there was no drag. It was the perfect escape and I was pulled into the story immediately.

The MC, Lexi, was very realistic and I found myself liking her. She is intelligent, highly sensual, and a dry sense of humor that is not often seen in female characters. Her thought process is a little twisted at times, which makes her even better in my opinion. There were many moments when I chuckled or giggled at the inner workings of her mind, and only very few moments where I caught myself wanting to beat her senseless for stupid actions/choices.

The male MC, Ric, was a very lickable character…he was pretty likable as well. 😉 He is a multi-faceted male MC, exhibiting a healthy balance between tender and caring, and aggressive edginess. Let’s face it folks…all of that blistering testosterone is great and all, but in real life all that testosterone will get you after a few years is an angry man with a receding hairline and a spare tire.

In conclusion; if you want a refreshing look at Paranormal Romance with plenty of heat and quality characters, you want to pick up Magic at Work…now.

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