Goodreads Detox…

I am a dirty Goodreads whore. A dirty, dirty, Goodreads whore. 

The Goodreads server has been down for several hours now, and if I don’t get a fix soon, I am going to start having DTs (Delirium Tremens). I just need to write a little review, and maybe check out what’s happening in a couple of groups. That’s all, I swear! 

If only I could see all of those little thumbnail cover images, just for a second! I promise I won’t lick my computer screen when I see a particularly drool-worthy torso on a cover…well, I won’t do it again, anyway. 

I NEED a socially acceptable site where I can stare at beautiful, shirtless men, and objectify them under the auspices of professional networking! You can’t do that just anywhere, you know!

I am a dirty Goodreads whore. I wonder when the hallucinations are going to start…

Instead of snake or spider hallucinations, I am afraid that I might be attacked by comma splices or (God forbid) hanging participles.  Hanging participles are nasty bitches…

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about hanging participles or their classier cousin, the dangling modifier. They’re all about objects and I’m pretty sure I’m a subject. 


Well, I guess I could go work on the second book in my series. Yeah, that’s probably much safer than offering up gratuitous sex for a Goodreads fix. Okay, well, I’m off then…good talk. 

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