Q&A Session on A Vampire’s Saving Embrace, by Darlene Kuncytes

1. What is the title of your book?

“A Vampire’s Saving Embrace”

 2.  What is the genre and age rating?

It is first and foremost a romance – with a touch of the supernatural.  The best way to describe it would be a love story that the main character just happens to be a vampire.   I would say 18 and over.

3.  Give a brief synopsis, using your own words.

Abigail Montgomery is a loner – she’s a woman who’s only had herself to depend on her entire life.  One night she is saved from danger from a dark, mysterious man. Desmond LaGrange, and is taken back to his estate.  The sparks immediately fly between the two, but each has a past that holds them back and Abby finds herself thrown into a world that she didn’t even know existed.  It’s a story about love, and redemption.

4. Is your book part of a series? Is the series completed? What made you decide to do a series rather than an epic?

It is part of a series – but stands on its own.  Book two is about two characters from the book and their story.  It’s funny, because when people finished this book they started hounding me to write Luke and Kat’s story. Lol.  I guess they loved their chemistry and the fact that they are both complete smart-asses.  Gotta love that!  I am in the process of writing it now and am hoping to be done soon.

I like a series that can stand on its own – yet one that the characters you fall in love with make an appearance or two.  This is a tight-knit group and I love that we will be able to keep up with all of them.

5. Visually describe your main character and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.

I only WISH I was inspired by an actual person! Lol!! Desmond is the perfect man.  Dark, gorgeous, muscular, sensitive – but can also take charge. He is a tortured soul that feels that he doesn’t deserve love because of what he is.  Abby is strong, accepting and funny – yet deep down, so afraid of losing her heart.

6.  What are his or her biggest faults? Using a short excerpt from your book, can you show us an example?

His biggest fault is that he can’t accept what he is – a good man.  He is tormented by his past.


“He closed his eyes and sighed, hating the monster that he was and not wanting this woman in his arms to realize it. The last thing he wanted was for her to be frightened of him. He wanted her only to think of him as they were now, glowing with the aftermath of their lovemaking – being held safe and secure in his arms – but he knew that if she knew the truth, she would turn from him in revulsion. Hate him for the death that hung over him like a dark storm cloud. She was too pure and innocent not to be disgusted by the death that enveloped him.

Then there was the issue of her blood and her now being immortal. He stared up at the ceiling, his fangs descending at just the thought of tasting her. It was a deep, primal urge that wanted desperately to be satisfied and he fought every moment not to let it win.

From what he could find out from the legends, her blood was a powerful force to any supernatural being that consumed it – vampires included. It was said that to vampires, a half-blooded Feys blood would be the sweetest of all blood imaginable.”

7.  What are his or her best qualities? Using a short excerpt from your book, can you show us an example?

His best qualities are his compassion and caring.  When he cares – he cares with his entire heart and soul – yet still feels unworthy.  It’s that inner battle that makes him who he is.  Strong – yet so vulnerable.


“Holy, Christ,” Desmond gasped, as he pulled her into his arms and against his chest. “Marcus!” he yelled – true panic in his voice.

“I’m on it!” she vaguely heard him answer from somewhere downstairs.

She grabbed onto the front of Desmond’s shirt as the pain continued to rip through her – reverberating through her body like a runaway freight train and she clenched her teeth together to keep from screaming again.

“Oh… oh my God!” she gasped, her body beginning to tremble uncontrollably – her teeth beginning to chatter. Her eyes held his – silently pleading with him to make it stop.

Desmond swept her up and carried her over to the bed. Bracing his back against the headboard, he kept her cradled in his arms, as he desperately tried to soothe her. If Desmond’s heart had been beating, the sound of Abby’s screams would have surely stopped it right then and there. He held her close as she moaned against him – rocking her gently, and would have given his very existence to take the pain from her. He had never before felt so helpless in all of his two hundred and fifty years and the feeling was utterly terrifying.

“Easy,” he cooed, his hand stroking her hair as he kissed the top of her head, over and over. “It’s going to be all right, sweetness. I swear to you.” She shuddered against him; her skin beading with perspiration and her breathing becoming shallow – as her heart pounded erratically in her chest.

8.  Is there a romantic interest for your MC (main character)…or maybe more than one? Would you describe it as antagonistic, angsty, steamy, romantic, and or loaded with sexual tension?

I would have to say – sexual tension, romantic and a bit steamy at times.  I love the romance, the electricity that runs through you when you meet someone who just takes your breath away.

9.  Visually describe the romantic interest(s) and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.

Abby is the other main character and she is purely fiction too.  She is quick-witted, beautiful and funny.  She puts others before herself, yet has spent her life closing herself off.

10.  Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?

I’d have to say Luke.  He is smooth, sarcastic, masculine – yet incredibly loyal.  He would die for Desmond and Abby – yet loves to push Des’s buttons at any opportunity.  And when he and Kat meet the two butt heads instantly – which I love!

11.  Were any of your characters inspired by people you know or have known?

I think in some aspects there are pieces of me in each character, lol.  Growing up, my father always called me his little smart-ass – so when Kat and Luke throw barbs at each other, that is totally me -and I am fiercely loyal to my family and friends.   I am a hopeless romantic.  I LOVE making candlelight dinners and all that mushy stuff.  And there is a tiny bit of people from my past in Desmond – not much, but some. lol

12.  Post a short excerpt (1-2 pages max) that you think that readers will love…


“Abby was staring at the fire when Desmond came through the door carrying a tray. As soon as the smell of the food reached her – her stomach growled hungrily.

“I knew you would be hungry,” Desmond chuckled, that damn, infuriating, breath-stealing grin on his lips.

Abby blushed to the roots of her hair at her stomachs noisy betrayal. “I…I am – thank you,” she stammered – completely mortified.

Desmond set the tray down and placed a piece of errant hair behind her ear. “Is there anything else you would like?” He asked, and Abby’s blush only deepened. “My pet?” he questioned at her obvious embarrassment – his eyebrow quirking up so damn seductively.

“Would it be asking too much if I could bathe or perhaps shower?” she whispered, picking up a piece of toast and delicately biting off the corner. “I’m sure I must reek to high heaven by now.” Again the room was filled with his laughter and Abby found herself thinking that she would never tire of hearing it, or of seeing that grin of his. She shook off the thought, knowing she had no business even toying with such ideas.

She was Abigail Montgomery, devout self-appointed hermit, and the fact that she felt so at ease with him around was disturbing, to say the least – not to mention how completely compelling the man was .He was walking, talking sex on a stick and it scared the hell out of her. She had spent her entire life protecting herself from getting romantically involved with any man, and that was not about to change now.  Eric had been proof positive that she was better off alone.

“Actually,” he said, leaning down and placing his lips ever so lightly against her neck. He inhaled deeply and Abby shivered from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Good Lord! “You smell of vanilla and lavender, with perhaps a hint of honey. It’s quite nice.”

“Wow,” she choked out, her heart racing triple time. “I’ve always read that Vampires were supposed to have a heightened sense of smell or something. Yours must really be on the fritz.” Desmond laughed against her neck, which only caused her to shiver again. Damn, but this man was dangerous, she thought irritably. What he was doing to her body should be illegal!

“My sense of smell is just fine,” he stated adamantly as he stood back up. “In fact, I am certain that what you have heard is only one of the very few things that is correct. All of my senses are heightened.”

Oh great, Abby thought crossly. That means he can probably hear my heart beating around in my chest like a boy crazy teen-aged cheerleader. Cripes! Could this get any worse?

“How about sunlight and crosses?” she asked; desperately trying to keep her thoughts away from how delectable he was.

“I can go out in the sun for very short periods, if any longer than a few moments my skin will burn and I will weaken – but it would take some time to kill me. And as for crosses…” He opened the top button of the shirt he wore and held up the tiny gold cross that hung around his neck, “just stories – although silver does have an adverse effect on me – pretty much the same as the sun.”

“So I guess that means you don’t sleep in a coffin either?” she asked, as calmly as possible, and he smiled – his eyes scanning up and down her body in a slow, thorough appraisal and she felt herself growing warm.

“No, I don’t. I sleep in a bed.” His smile widened and he chuckled deep in his chest – his eyes gleaming dangerously. “In fact, I usually sleep in this bed.”

Abby gulped at the realization that she was in fact lying in his bed – her cheeks turning red as a picture of the two of them intertwined on it filled her mind. Shit! “I’m sorry,” she stammered, trying desperately to push the image away. “I don’t want to kick you out of your….room.” She finished quietly.

“There is no need to apologize,” he replied, his finger stroking her cheek gently. “There are many more bedrooms in the house if I need one.”

…….Another Excerpt:

“As she jerked around, the towel fell to the floor and she turned a bright shade of red at Desmond’s wide, appreciative grin. “Thank you,” he laughed, his blue eyes gleaming in amusement as his gaze blatantly scanned over every one of her curves and she felt herself turning red –yet once again. Abby grabbed the towel and covered herself – the heat flowing through her body creating havoc.

“Here,” he chuckled, handing her another of his silk shirts, “this might stay on a little better. Not that I’m complaining – mind you.”

Abby grabbed the shirt and turned her back to him, letting the towel fall to the floor. She tried desperately to ignore him as she buttoned up – but the shaking of her hands was proof positive that she couldn’t. His very presence caused a heightening of all her senses as if the air around him had been electrically charged. She would have to have been deaf, dumb and blind not to be aware of his presence. Oh, who the hell was she kidding- she thought with a scowl – she would also have to be hard of smelling! The guy smelled amazing!

Finally with a deep breath, she turned and gave him a smile. “Thank you for the shirt,” she said sweetly, “but you know, I really will need some real clothing to wear. I mean, I have to get back to my apartment – my job. I can’t stay here forever and I certainly can’t keep wearing your shirts.”

Desmond seemed to consider all of this a moment before his mouth set in a tight line. “Abby, you will remain here until I am certain that you are safe.” He said finally, and she could tell by his tone that the subject wasn’t up for debate and she felt her temper flare. No man was ever going to tell her what she could and couldn’t do – ever again. No matter how gorgeous he was! Yet, she reluctantly admitted to herself – there was a small part of her that was relieved. The thought of going back to her solitary life at the moment did not appeal to her in the least. She couldn’t explain it, but there was a sense of peace here.

She didn’t know if he had killed the demon who had attacked her or not – and she wasn’t even sure that she did want to know. She only knew that she felt protected here with him – and she found that there was a part of her that really liked the feeling.

“And as for wearing my shirts – I don’t see why not,” he continued, the beginning of a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. “I have plenty of them and you look much better in them than I.”

“Oh Lord, you’re impossible,” she muttered, before walking past him and through the door into the bedroom. She needed to get away from his disturbing gaze and heart-stopping smile. She walked over to the fireplace and plopped down in one of the oversized chairs as she had imagined doing since she had first woken up and her face broke out into a contented smile – her anger at his Neanderthal -like behavior, instantly forgotten. They were gloriously comfortable, she thought happily as she settled herself into the buttery leather. Pulling her legs up underneath her, she rested her head on her hand and sighed – watching the flames dance in the fireplace.”

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