Amazon May Think I’m Cheap, But I’m Not Giving It Up For Free!

Screw you Amazon, nobody calls me cheap and gets away with it…I’m classy, dammit!

You know, I have put up with quite a bit from Amazon without complaining. I’m a pretty easy-going gal,  I tend to take most things in stride. So when my ranking goes from 50,000, or so, to 250,000…I shrugged my shoulders and kept plugging away. When Amazon refused to post several reviews from people who genuinely read and loved my book, I muttered a few choice remarks about ‘Big Brother’ and whatnot, but I have too much on my plate already…so I let it go.

Your ranking doesn’t mean jack, you bastards! I’m way too awesome for your crap scale anyway.

This, however, is beyond comprehension…and I’m not taking it lying down, or bent over. Why do I bother to set a price for my book when, without my knowledge or permission, the marketing geniuses at Amazon offer at a 67%  discount.

Am I not even worth a measly $2.99? People pay more for a freaking Happy Meal!

Okay, it’s not going to win the Pulitzer or anything, but the grammar is impeccable (this time) and it is positively  lousy with literary devices. Not to mention the plot; seriously, the plot is crazy good…I promise, I designed it myself. Oh well, screw it…if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

For a limited time only (I have no idea how limited), buy Control for only $.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*God, I feel dirty.

3 thoughts on “Amazon May Think I’m Cheap, But I’m Not Giving It Up For Free!

  1. Sotia says:

    Amazon did the same to me. Do you have the book up somewhere else for 99c? They tend to price match, and you need to contact them about it if the price isn’t lower than $2.99 anywhere else.

    • MCLavocat says:

      I did not know they did that, but that clears up one question for me. I am currently enrolled in the KDP program and got an email last night about being in violation, so the price change was pretty fortuitous actually. I have now found a pirated copy of my book for sale on another site. Nice.

  2. Darlene says:

    What the hell did they do? can they just change you price like that????

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