Beautiful Blogger Award!!

I am so very proud to have been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award by fellow author, Sotia Lazu!  She is seriously one of the coolest people that I have had the pleasure to meet, she is a phenomenal writer, and she has been a tremendous help to me in my writing. Do yourselves a favor and check out her blog HERE…you will not be disappointed! 

The Rules:

  1. Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post.
  2. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 7 fellow Bloggers, tell them by posting a comment on their Blog*.

Seven Things About Me:

  1. I am the youngest of three and the only girl. As children, my middle brother would wake me up at 6 a.m. every summer day, physically drag me outside, and make me attend ‘baseball practice’. I had to call him, Coach, and if I performed poorly, he would make me run laps. I actually miss our ‘practices’, but I would never tell him that.
  2. I love beer and I am very specific about what time of year that I will drink certain types. For instance, I drink only Mexican beer such as Negro Modelo, Dos Equis, and Sol during the summer. In autumn, I am all about Newcastle, Abita Pecan, Abita Harvest, Harp, and Bass Lager. Winter is for stouts such as Mackeson and of course, Guinness. Lastly, during the spring months, I like Blue Moon, and in the latter months, I drink as much Abita Strawberry as I can get my hands on. Oh, and I vehemently dislike Abita Purple Haze.
  3. Some of my favorite memories are from Mardi Gras in New Orleans. During undergrad, we would drive or fly down from school in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a huge group. When I moved back home after undergrad, the group that came down dwindled to only three people, my three best guy-friends (Jason, Alex, and Brian) and me. The first time my husband (who was my friend at the time) ever met the guys, was at Mardi Gras…
  4. My husband and I met in graduate school and became friends immediately. As poor graduate students, we decided to get an apartment together in order to save money. I knew that my Catholic family would not approve of me living with a man, even though we weren’t romantically involved, so I told them that he was gay. Ironically, we started dating after Mardi Gras, but I forgot to tell my parents that he was not gay. Soooo, for the first couple of months into our relationship, my entire family thought he was gay.
  5. I was a bitch in high school and I remember the majority of those years with regret.
  6. I attended Catholic School from age five through age twenty-two.
  7. I have four sweet, caring, and frighteningly brilliant children who are my muses and models during most of my photography projects.
Kieran, age 8

Kieran, Age 8

Mitchell, Age 4

Mitchell, Age 4

Charles, Age 2

Charles, Age 2

Annalise, Age 6

Annalise, Age 6

The Sexy Seven Nominees (in no particular order):

~*~Click on the name to link to their site.~*~

  1. Celeste Carrara
  2. Donna Hawk
  3. Jennifer Howard
  4. DelSheree Gladden
  5. Cathy Vickers
  6. Karen-Anne Stewart
  7. Sharon Stevenson

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award!!

  1. Sotia Lazu says:

    I loved reading these facts about you, and laughed aloud (at work) when I got to number 4. What did your family say those two first months on your dating him? Were they just accepting the fact that you’re dating a gay guy? LOL!

    Your kids are gorgeous!

    • MCLavocat says:

      Hahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed them! Chad and I have never been a traditional couple because we had hung out as friends for several months before we started to ‘date’. My family just knew him as my ‘gay friend Chad’. I actually left out the best part of the story, which is that he never knew that I had told my family that lie, and I had forgotten about it. Ironically, a friend of mine, who actually is gay, was responsible for bringing it to his attention. My friend was teasing Chad about being ‘pretty’ when I suddenly remembered the lie and started laughing hysterically. Needless to say, he was less than thrilled when I told him! He made me call both of my brothers and my parents right then to tell them the truth. 😀

      Thanks for the compliment about my little monkeys, I think they’re beautiful too, but I’m obviously biased!!

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