My Review of The Ameriad: The Untold Founding of America By the Survivors of Troy

The Ameriad: The Untold Founding of America By the Survivors of TroyThe Ameriad: The Untold Founding of America By the Survivors of Troy by Duane Gundrum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Ameriad: The Untold Founding of America By the Survivors of Troy is a satirical comedy told in the style of a Greek Epic.

The comedy, in my opinion, was fantastic; produced mainly by the inclusion of modern speech and ideas while writing a very authentic sounding epic tale of Greek wars, heroes, and gods. The effect was reminiscent of classic comedy dialogue such as Monty Python and in some instances Mel Brooks.

Conceptually speaking, this book should have been somewhat difficult to pull off. However, the author’s combination of impeccable writing skill and the use of some truly imaginative symbolism…not to mention the copious amount of dry wit, helped to create a story that was enjoyable without being preachy.

There were a few points in the story where I struggled because it seemed to drag a bit, mainly in the first third of the book. I think that it was mainly due to the structure; there seemed to be a significant amount of interest around ‘The Pillars’ that I didn’t grasp at the time. The symbolism was a little vague and it was only after reading further into the journey of Amerius that I had the Aha moment where I then understood what The Pillars represented.

In all honesty, I must admit that I don’t typically read satires, but the writing and humor in The Ameriad, is truly top notch and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Monty Python comedy style.

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a non-reciprocal review.**

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Goodreads Detox…

I am a dirty Goodreads whore. A dirty, dirty, Goodreads whore. 

The Goodreads server has been down for several hours now, and if I don’t get a fix soon, I am going to start having DTs (Delirium Tremens). I just need to write a little review, and maybe check out what’s happening in a couple of groups. That’s all, I swear! 

If only I could see all of those little thumbnail cover images, just for a second! I promise I won’t lick my computer screen when I see a particularly drool-worthy torso on a cover…well, I won’t do it again, anyway. 

I NEED a socially acceptable site where I can stare at beautiful, shirtless men, and objectify them under the auspices of professional networking! You can’t do that just anywhere, you know!

I am a dirty Goodreads whore. I wonder when the hallucinations are going to start…

Instead of snake or spider hallucinations, I am afraid that I might be attacked by comma splices or (God forbid) hanging participles.  Hanging participles are nasty bitches…

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about hanging participles or their classier cousin, the dangling modifier. They’re all about objects and I’m pretty sure I’m a subject. 


Well, I guess I could go work on the second book in my series. Yeah, that’s probably much safer than offering up gratuitous sex for a Goodreads fix. Okay, well, I’m off then…good talk. 

My Review of Magic at Work, by Sotia Lazu

Magic at WorkMagic at Work by Sotia Lazu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is something about gettin’ your mack on at work that is really appealing to me…if you know what I mean. *wink, wink*

Therefore, when I saw this title and read the blurb, I snatched it up like it was the last cupcake on the buffet table and read it in one sitting. Ooohhh man, I was not disappointed! It was Hotty Fatotty, so hot that I had to make up a new phrase to suit its relative hotness. I mean, seriously…unbridled sex…in the rain. W.O.W.

Another thing about Magic at Work that appealed to me, was the minimalist approach to the paranormal. Sometimes, the entire story line is so dependent on the paranormal aspect of the plot that the reader cannot get a true sense of the characters. They become one dimensional, and if you take away the paranormal, you neither have characters nor do you have a story.

This is not the case in Magic at Work, the paranormal is subtle, it is applied with a light hand. Like good make-up, it is used to enhance the natural beauty of the story rather than paint it up like a garish whore.

So, it is safe to say that I highly enjoyed the premise and the story. The flow of the story was exceptional, there was no drag. It was the perfect escape and I was pulled into the story immediately.

The MC, Lexi, was very realistic and I found myself liking her. She is intelligent, highly sensual, and a dry sense of humor that is not often seen in female characters. Her thought process is a little twisted at times, which makes her even better in my opinion. There were many moments when I chuckled or giggled at the inner workings of her mind, and only very few moments where I caught myself wanting to beat her senseless for stupid actions/choices.

The male MC, Ric, was a very lickable character…he was pretty likable as well. 😉 He is a multi-faceted male MC, exhibiting a healthy balance between tender and caring, and aggressive edginess. Let’s face it folks…all of that blistering testosterone is great and all, but in real life all that testosterone will get you after a few years is an angry man with a receding hairline and a spare tire.

In conclusion; if you want a refreshing look at Paranormal Romance with plenty of heat and quality characters, you want to pick up Magic at Work…now.

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My Review of Shadow’s Edge, (Kyn Kronicles, #1)

Shadow's Edge (Kyn Kronicles, #1)Shadow’s Edge by Jami Gray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shadow’s Edge is an Urban Fantasy set in a world, similar to our own, where the paranormal/magical community is known only to a select few humans.

The paranormal community is known as the Kyn and consists of four main groups; the fey, shifters, witches, and demons. The various species of Kyn interbreed but each individual falls under the rule of only one of the four houses.

The entire community polices itself and is monitored/maintained by a large organization front called Taliesin, where the MC is a member of the elite Wraiths. The Wraiths are a group of less than a dozen assassins, detectives, trouble shooters, etc. They are a myth in the Kyn community and the few humans who are aware of the presence of Kyn, know nothing of them at all.

Okay…that is the back story, now for my thoughts. Shadow’s Edge is the first book in the Kyn Kronicles and though I’ve not read any further into the series, if they continue along the same vein as Shadow’s Edge, it is bound to be a strong series, with dark characters in emotionally edgy and often highly violent struggles.

The MC is a survivor, with a horrific past, and rivals Kate Daniels (from Illona Andrews, Kate Daniels Novels) for being the most dangerous, bad-assiest (yep…assiest), female MC I’ve ever read. Unlike Kate Daniels, however, the MC (Raine) does not seem to have a light side at all. She is buried in black angst, rage, depression, and violence. However, the author alludes to deeper emotions and needs, she also sets the stage for a couple of potential love interests in future books. This leads me to believe that the series will focus on the MC growing into a more humanized version of the super bad-ass chick, which would be a good thing.

The story and plot-line are very well-written and engaging, although I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would’ve liked. This could be the case because of the overall level of angst and violence, with only the minimal presence of human emotion other than frustration, anger, lust, and depression. This may not be an issue in future books of this series, assuming character development progresses as I mentioned earlier. I am anxious to read the next book and see is my suspicions are validated…I am also curious about the two male characters that have been set up for deeper involvement in future books. 🙂

I definitely recommend this book to those who love Urban Fantasy and bad-ass heroines…you will not be disappointed.

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Okay, I’ll Come Clean…

If you’ve read my Author’s Bio, you are well aware of my stubborn refusal to be normal. Don’t get me wrong, normal has its place…I have to be mostly normal when I attend school activities and functions with my little ones, although we frequently get odd looks from other parents. It might have something to do with the fact that you can hear the bass thumping as we jam to old-school rap in the Pimpin’ Mini. Wait…I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m trying to keep a tight rein on my normal, albeit generally, abnormal thought process.

Maybe I should just start from the beginning: 

Me, looking properly wistful and sincere...

Me, looking properly wistful and sincere…

I am the youngest of three children and the only girl.  Oh, please don’t get the impression that I was coddled, I don’t think my brothers ever realized I was a girl until a few of their friends did. Naturally…just as things started to get fun. I have an incredibly large and close-knit extended family (Seriously large…I’m talking around fifty first cousins, here), and I’m pretty sure my sense of humor is genetic.

So, that’s me…it might look as if the photographer caught me at a particularly pensive moment, maybe you are wondering what I was thinking. Well, the photographer was me, this was my first self-portrait as a matter of fact. As to what I was thinking; I was hoping that I nailed the focus (I did), and I was thinking how much I hate the feel of makeup.

Yes, I really hate makeup. However, I just celebrated my fortieth birthday and I would rather suffer through a bit of war-paint than look like an old hag. Pfft…old hag, my ass! I look damn good, although I can’t take all of the credit, the photographer is very talented. Do you see what I did there? Heeheehee.

Alright, now you know I’m a photographer as well as a writer! This is starting to get a little easier as I go along. Who knows, by the end of this post, I might be telling you what size bra I wear, or where my husband and I went on our first date. Hey, maybe we can all be total BFFs, we can have sleepovers and braid each other’s hair. Probably not, but if you like to cook , I can give you some pretty amazing recipes.  What, don’t you believe me?  Well, try this on for size:

Chicken Enchilada Cupcake

Not too shabby, huh? I am sad to say that I haven’t added any new recipes in almost a year, but in my defense, I have been a little busy. After all, I did write a book, take a few photos here and there, and I am married with four children.

Oh, have I not mentioned that? You want to know why? I saved the best for last, of course!

I have been married for twelve years to the man who made me think of forever. He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and he has the uncanny ability to make me laugh even when I want to pinch his head off! It’s all good though, because I make him laugh too. When we first met, we hung out as friends for several months. Then, one golden morning, as we sat on a New Orleans balcony nursing a hangover with a steaming hot cup of coffee; we fell in love.

Ironically, we weren’t sure if we wanted kids, but fate intervened. Obviously, since we now have four! After our oldest was born, it took us about three months to realize that we wanted a few more and we have been blessed with three precious boys and one beautiful girl.

Whew! That was cathartic!

You now know a little about me, how about I tell you a little about Control, the first book in The Soul of Voodoo Series.

I don’t know if other writers have had the same amount of trouble describing their book as I have, but I’ll be honest, the synopsis totally sucks! The thing about this series, is that even though the story is dramatic, the telling is comedic. If you’re confused upon reading that, then just imagine how I feel trying to explain it to potential readers! After struggling to make it fit in with other Paranormal Romance books, I threw in the metaphorical towel and created a brand spankin’ new genre for it: Paranormal Romantic Comedy.

Pretty soon, PRC books are going to be the hottest thing…you heard it here first!

The fact that it has a comedic component, however, isn’t the only thing that makes it difficult to summarize for potential readers. The plot is subtly woven through the book in such a way that the reader may not be completely aware of what happened until it is revealed. I’m tricky like that. 🙂  Therefore, I can’t go into too much detail about the story without giving away spoilers. I worked way too hard on that plot to spoil it with a careless sentence or two!

You know what? You just need to read it for yourself…then maybe you can help me come up with a good way to summarize it for everyone else! Oh yeah, the second book is starting off with a bang and it is going to be loaded with more fun, action, and hot monkey sex…never forget about the hot monkey sex.