No. I’m not dead, but my brain might have gone on hiatus.

You know how sometimes life gets in the way of everything else? Then before you even realize what happened, months have gone by as you’ve muddled through the minutia that clutters up day-to-day life.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean…I’m talking about the boring crap that everyone has to deal with, just so they can actually live.

…Laundry (quite possibly my worst enemy), work (the kind that actually pays the bills), housekeeping (Four children and three dogs, need I elaborate?), school activities (with my children, which is most often pretty fun, but time-consuming nevertheless), marriage/relationship (this I don’t mind, if you know what I mean…*wink,wink*), family time (always a good time of course, my little monkeys freaking rock)…

Well anyway, you get the point. That’s a lot of crap. Every. Day.

I’m not whining, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not here to excuse my prolonged absence. I’m actually here because I feel guilty as hell that I’ve pushed back the release date for the sequel to Control for so damn long! You see, I’ve finished the book with the exception of the final few chapters, but I’m stuck and it’s driving me slap-ass crazy. I know what I want to happen, but for some reason, I can’t get the words out. I just stare at the screen like a fucktarded mess.

So, I had this great idea *insert optimistic grin* to upload the book on Wattpad so that I can go ahead and share it with you guys!! Good plan, right? Yep, I thought so! 

But wait!! Before you click on the link, I need something from y’all. Not much, just a comment or a vote here and there, to let me know I’m on the right track, and hopefully kick my ass over the block my sad little mind has created. Maybe I’m just a needy little bitch who needs a few encouraging words, I don’t know, but I’m not too scared to beg. ;P

Now that is out of the way, you may click on the link and read to your little heart’s content!!

Control Book cover

Just in case you haven’t read it already, here is the link to Control, the first book in the Soul of Voodoo series:
Finally, click the kick ass cover image to read Power, Book Two in the Soul of Voodoo series! 

The Liebster Award

         Two of my favorite bloggers, Caroline Barker and Tina Williams , from areadersreviewblog , have honored me with a nomination for The Liebster Award. I have to admit that when I clicked on the link from my email, I did the biggest fangirl squeal ever. I’m easily excitable, what can I say?

My understanding of The Liebster Award is that it is a way to give a virtual ‘heads up‘ to the blogging community about new or unknown blogs that are worth viewing.  It is an enormous compliment to have been nominated for this award, and I cannot thank Caroline and Tina enough.  This is such a wonderful networking tool for bloggers, and I am very pleased to be a part of it.

Here’s the thing with The Liebster Award, there are rules.  (I hate rules, but I do know when to shut-up and follow them.)

So, in order to accept the award, the following rules must be followed:

  • I must give eleven facts about myself.
  • I must answer eleven questions provided by the blogger who nominated me.
  • I must nominate eleven fellow bloggers, with fewer than 200 followers.
  • I must provide my nominees with eleven new questions.

Part One: Eleven Useless, Yet Amusing Facts:

  1. I couldn’t care less about television or movies, but I could not live without music. The playlist that I am currently obsessed with, includes music by: Panic! At  the Disco, Nelly, The Gourds, Beastie Boys, Passenger, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Tool, Phosphorescent, Pendulum, Rise Against, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Breaking Benjamin, Janis Joplin, and I’m tired of typing but there are many, many more.
  2. I once tried to convince my husband that a vodka martini contains the same amount of alcohol as a typical beer. Somewhere around the fourth martini, it turned into a bet. I lost, and I also puked…a lot.
  3. I have a completely irrational fear of ticks, and although I am generally laid back about things, I  can guarantee that I absolutely will spaz out and break into hives if I see a tick. My jackhole hubby thinks it’s funny, but I still love him.
  4. I love all Looney Tunes, but I think that Daffy Duck is by far the best character. My favorite is the one where Daffy Duck is supposed to be Robin Hood and my second favorite is when Daffy and Bugs Bunny burrow into the cave full of gold, jewels, and the genie in a lamp. So. Freaking. Funny.
  5. Although I curse like a sailor in my writing, the worst words I have ever said in from of my children is ‘damn‘.
  6. Beginning with kindergarten  and counting all the way through graduate school, I spent over twenty years on an education that I have no professional interest in pursuing.
  7. I was once offered a job as a cage dancer at a club in Mexico…I was eighteen, it was during our ‘Senior Trip’ after graduating from high school. Damn, I should have taken the job!
  8.  When I was a sophomore in high school, my Dad went to Fort Lauderdale, FL. on a business trip, which wasn’t really unusual. However, this trip was scheduled shortly before the Sadie Hawkins Dance at school. Sadie Hawkins Dances, for those who aren’t familiar, have a particular set of traditions. First of all, the girl is responsible for asking the guy out and paying for the date. Secondly, the couple wears matching shirts, which the girl provides.  So, I asked my Dad to pick up matching tee-shirts from some place really cool while he was in Fort Lauderdale. He brought me shirts from a local restaurant that would soon become very famous. Any guesses? Well, my date and I proudly (yet unknowingly) sported tee-shirts from the original Hooter’s.  Thanks Dad.
  9. I have always wanted to dye my hair green.
  10. I had some really beautiful Christmas cards printed up, with a wonderful portrait of my children on them, and I forgot to mail them. I’ve decided to send them out in July, just to screw with my family and friends.
  11. I hate rules.

Part Two: Eleven Questions from A Readers Review Blog:

1.  What inspired you to begin a blog?

Initially, I started this blog as a way of self-promoting, which I absolutely abhor. Self-gratification, okay. Self-publication, sure. Self-promotion, yeesh.  Anyway, in an effort to help some fellow writers, I started a feature to promote indie authors and their works. It’s funny, I hate self promoting, but for some reason, I love to promote others.

2.  What is your favourite book genre?

It really depends on my mood. I love Urban Fantasy, but sometimes I want more sexual tension and romance, so I will read Paranormal Romance. Though I have to admit, I have gotten of tired of the typical male characters in Paranormal Romances, so I recently started reading some Contemporary Romance.

3.  Where is your favourite place in the world?

An uncrowded bar on a beach in the Caribbean. Yes, that is freakishly specific.

4.  If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?

What the hell? Oh wait, I know…a manta ray.

5.  Which animal scares you the most?

Any kind of shark

6.  Which musical instrument would you love to play?


7.  Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter, no freaking question.

8.  Who is your most favourite author?

That is really tough, damn you. Well, I guess I’ll go with Anne Rice.

9.  What is  your favourite meal?


10.  If you could be a tv/film comedy character of your choice, who would you be?

Chevy Chase back when he was all coked up.

11.  If you were to write a book, which genre would best describe it?

Well, that’s easy enough. Paranormal Romantic Comedy, *wink,wink*

Part Three: My Eleven Nominees:

Okay, some of you people have no clue who I am and are probably wondering why I have nominated you for this award. Don’t freak out on me, I’m not internet stalking you or anything. In all honesty, I just wanted to make sure that I found some very worthy blogs, so I got in touch with my (sometimes) inner nerd and did a bit of research.

  1. Irving’s Journey
  2. New in NOLA
  3. Just Sotia
  4. Donna Hawk
  5. This Morning I Woke Up Dead
  6. Philly Book Blog
  7. Kbooklover
  8. singlewritermomrants
  9. Inspiration to Epilogue
  10. Divas Book Blog
  11. Deb Deb Reviews

Part Four: Eleven Questions for My Nominees:

  1. If you had to pick one song to be your personal theme song, what would it be?
  2. If you could pick one person to beat the crap out of, who would you choose and why?
  3. If you could give one person a non-sexual hug, who would it be and why?
  4. If you could create the perfect ice cream sundae, what ice cream and toppings would you use?
  5. What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
  6. If you were a character from the Outsiders, who would you be and why?
  7. Do you prefer to pull the toilet paper from over the roll or under the roll?
  8. What is the last book that you read and what was your opinion, in one word?
  9. How do you take your coffee or tea?
  10. Boxers or briefs?
  11. What is the best vacation/holiday that you have ever taken?


Thanks again to areadersreviewblog for the nomination and I hope those of you who I’ve nominated will participate and enjoy this as much as I have!

My Pithy Epiphany

People Suck Ass…

I was going to indulge in a psycho rant, but then I started typing and I thought, eh, fuck it.

So, yeah, I changed my mind about that whole ranting thing, but since I’m here I might as well do something, right? Soooooo, I decided to share a quote that makes me laugh and consequently keeps me from psycho ranting. That, my friends, is some serious circular logic that I just threw at you.

Actually, this might come off as being kind of arrogant, since it’s my own quote. Hmmmm…oh well, again I say, fuck it. ‘Cause that’s just the kind of classy gal I am. 😉

Now, I’m all nervous, like I’ve built it up too much…it’s not like I’ve discovered an at-home method of cold fusion technology using an empty two-liter bottle and a used Slurpee machine. That – would be impressive. This, however, is just a tiny excerpt from a phone conversation between James and Cecelia that makes me laugh.


“Did you do-him-dirty, Celie,” he asked quietly. He sounded so serious that my thoughts began to tumble wildly as I searched for a logical explanation for what had happened. I should have known he was faking, I mean, it was James after all. “You are really making up for lost time, aren’t you? For three years you lived like a nun, and then suddenly your vagina is getting more play than a Taylor Swift album at the junior high dance.”

“Oh my God James, how can you say that? Taylor Swift is way more popular than my vagina,” I said with mock sincerity. A smug smile was plastered on my face as I listened to James howl with laughter.


Author’s Note: The previous excerpt is written solely with the intent to entertain the reader, it is in no way indicative of my thoughts about, or feelings toward Taylor Swift, junior high dances, or anyone’s vagina. It is merely a mildly humorous anecdote that pokes fun at pop culture…and vaginas.

Another Peek at Power, (The Soul of Voodoo, Book 2)


This post contains excerpts from my upcoming book, Power, Book 2 of The Soul of Voodoo Series.  

If you have not read the first book, entitled Control, you need to be aware that this  chapter excerpt may contain spoilers…I do not recommend reading it before you have read Control.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

*This excerpt contains adult content and adult language…lots of adult language.



I cursed my stupid luck when I realized that it was past one in the morning, we wouldn’t be able to see Andre until visiting hours at nine. Frustration and disappointment weighed heavy on me, but rather than pout about it, I decided to use the time to figure out how I could leave the safety of the house and how I could get Andre back to normal.

“Mrs. B, are the gree gree sachets strong enough protection for me to leave the house and visit my bo…uh, friend in the hospital?”

She looked from me to Lance and her smile faded a little.

I am such a giant turd.

I had to stifle the urge to pinch my own head off, not that I could. Unfortunately. Instead, I squeezed Lance’s hand and brought it up to my lips to brush a quick kiss across his strong fingers. He chuckled at the gesture and softened his stance slightly.

I couldn’t keep freaking out over every little slip, this situation was about to get crazy complicated, so whether I liked it or not, it was time for both Lance and me to get thicker skin.

“Yah, y’all be protected. Y’all protectin’ each other now, huh shaa?”

She placed one hand on each of our chests as she spoke and her wrinkled face split into a huge grin. I felt warmth seeping into me from the contact with her hand and glanced down to where it rested. A glow had appeared underneath her small hand and I watched in amazement as it gradually brightened, showing the silhouette of her frail bones.

I looked over to see Lance watching the same phenomenon on his own chest. He looked away from the power display and our eyes met. In the second that it took to register our shared confusion, the glow released a flash and I saw Mrs. B tumble backward.


Lance’s tone was soft as he questioned, “Mrs. Broussard, are you okay?”

Lance and I pulled apart and immediately fell to the floor beside Mrs. B’s trembling form. I had seen her fall, and although falling is never graceful, I had to admit that she did it well. She didn’t fall so much as roll backward, like a turtle rolling on its shell.

She lay flat on her back with one thin arm flung over her eyes; her body continued to tremble slightly. I wondered if the flash could be some type of electrical current that we unknowingly produced as some freakish byproduct from merging our souls.

Lance gently tried to move the arm that was covering her face; she had begun to wheeze slightly. As he was slowly lifting her arm away from her face, the wheezes turned into cackles and I let out a breath as I realized that she wasn’t truly hurt. She was laughing her ass off!

Lance’s brows knit together in a tight frown, “Mrs. Broussard, you scared the ever-lovin’ crap out of me. I thought you were hurt.”

“I’m glad you aren’t hurt, because I have to say, that was pretty damn cool,” I proclaimed.

The cackles had died down and tears of mirth were leaking out of the corners of her eyes as she cracked them open to look into Lance’s worried face. She patted his cheek softly and grabbed his hands to use as leverage while she struggled to her feet.  Just as she had calmed enough to speak, and finally answer some questions, the front door flew open to reveal James, looking like crap on a cracker. His face was slack and his body drooped in exhaustion.

“Honey, I’m home,” he said loudly as he stumbled forward a few feet and slammed the door closed.

No sooner than the words had exited his mouth, he fell back against the door and slid to the floor. His eyes were already starting to droop and I knew we wouldn’t be getting any information for the next several hours unless we could drag it out of him before he passed out.

I watched his eyes close heavily and felt anxiety start to bubble up; I didn’t want him to pass out until I had a few answers. I needed to know more about what had happened with Andre. I couldn’t stand envisioning him alone and broken in a hospital bed.  I had healed Lance but didn’t know how or understand why, I needed to figure it out so that I could heal Andre as well.

“James! Wake up heifer!”

He cracked his eyes open and chuckled at me, mumbling something that sounded a little too much like, “tramp” before his lids started to droop again.

“Why you don’t give him a little juice, huh shaa?”

“Uh, sure, if you think that will help,” I responded. “Lance, do you have any juice? I guess orange juice would be best…”

“Mais non! Use your power,” she snapped at me. “Couillon!”

“Okay! Damn, you don’t have to be so bitchy…”

I stomped toward the door, frowning and muttering under my breath, “…call me a dumbass one more time…”

I squat down next to James, unsure of what to do, so I grabbed one of his big hands and held it between both of mine. Nothing happened, but I would be damned before I asked Mrs. B for help.

Her attitude was wearing on my nerves and as grateful as I was for everything she had done, I needed a break from her. I was becoming agitated; it felt as if her eyes were burning a hole in the back of my neck.

After a few more seconds with no change, I decided that it probably wasn’t working because my mind was busy directing a multitude of negative thoughts toward the wrinkled old crone who stood behind me.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself as I pushed the negative thoughts away and locked them up behind a heavy door. Once I had removed the distraction, I focused on the warm hand that I held, noting the weight of it and the calloused ridges along his knuckles. I felt a slight tingle along my palms and I smiled as they began to glow softly.

I felt a burst of pride when James’ eyes opened after only a few seconds.  After a minute, he pulled his hand free, sat up, and then leaned back against the door. His pleased expression faded into wary confusion as he stared at me with narrowed eyes.

“Damn, ho! How did you get so strong so fast?”

He suddenly shifted his gaze to Lance, and his mouth dropped open. His eyes widened comically as he shifted them back and forth between Lance and me. He was speechless for the moment, but I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Lance grinned and stated jokingly, “I think you broke him.”

I scooted back quickly and covered my ears, Lance’s statement snapped him out of his bug-eyed trance and it was only a matter of time before the squealing started.

“OH. MY. GAWD!!”

Lance and Mrs. B. flinched at the sudden verbal explosion.

Heh, heh, heh, I totally called it.

“You porked her!!”

“Porked? Really, James?”

I could have been talking to a piece of pork, for all it mattered. James was in the zone, so I just sat back and got a little more comfortable while I waited for him to get it all out.

“OH MY GAWD!! You banged Buff McHunkypants!! Is he ‘Buff’ all over, Celie? Can I call him Buff Thickchubbypants now?”

Oh my, I think that might be his best one yet.

I turned my head to look up at Lance and had to stifle a giggle at his expression of shock. He looked slightly queasy as his mouth fell open and the color drained from his face. Mrs. B, on the other hand, looked positively gleeful! I didn’t even attempt to cover up my giggle as I watched her gawking at his pants while she surreptitiously scooted toward him.

“I’ve always heard that everything is bigger in Texas, Celie. Is it? Huh? Is it, Celie,” James questioned conspiratorially and nudged me with his elbow.

He then turned his face toward Lance again and finally shut up as he took notice of what Lance was wearing…or, more specifically, what he was not wearing. I felt a little sorry for him as he began stuttering, I knew exactly what James was thinking and nodded in silent agreement.

Yep, Lance is truly magnificent.

He had turned slightly, the top button of his jeans was unbuttoned and the waistband hung precariously low, revealing the upper curve of his muscular buttocks.  I sighed heavily as I visually followed the curve of his back, finally reaching the wide expanse of his shoulders.

The muscles of his shoulders bunched as he unfolded his arms from across his chest and dropped them to his sides. Three sets of eyes flew to his abdominal muscles to ogle them shamelessly as he tensed in embarrassment. I could hear James’ unsteady breathing beside me and smiled as I realized I sounded the same. My fingers twitched involuntarily as my tactile memory recalled the heat of his golden skin and the springy texture of the light brown hair sprinkled across his chest.

I tried, without success, to tear my eyes away from him and focus on something else…anything else. Unfortunately, my eyes chose not to get on board with that plan. Instead, my gaze merrily followed the narrow path of hair down his chest as it dissected the muscular ridges of his abdomen, and then disappeared underneath the worn zipper of his jeans.


Uh, what was that?! Please tell me I did not just purr!

I looked around and pretended that nothing had happened, only relaxing after I felt sure that I had been successful. I took a deep breath and turned, making eye contact with James who offered me a gentle smile.

I returned the smile, glad to see that he had finally settled down. I had a pretty good idea how to kick start my healing power, but I needed to know exactly what happened when Andre had his seizure. A coma was significantly more serious than fatigue, so I would still need some direction from him and probably Mrs. B.

“James, I need to know…”

I stopped talking as he held his hand in front of my face.

“Hold that thought,” he said as he hopped up and walked through Lance’s house into his kitchen.

He had been gone a moment before I heard the refrigerator open and the clinking sound of dishes, and then he was walking back toward us, carefully balancing a small plate in between his large hands. I looked at Lance questioningly but he simply shrugged and raised his eyebrows, appearing equally confused.

I wondered briefly if James was working on some kind of spell, but my confusion turned to discomfort as he drew near.  He set the little plate down right in front of me and I felt my stomach knot as I looked at the little saucer of milk.

Son of a whore!  He heard me, dammit.

“Here Celie, I thought you might be hungry,” he said as he softly stroked my head. “Good kitty.”

“Just shut up, you really don’t have much room to talk.”

James smiled broadly and shook his head in agreement, “I know… All I can say is, damn!”

I stifled a giggle and started to stand up, reaching out for Lance’s hand when he offered it. As soon as our hands connected, he lifted me straight up into his arms and pulled me tight against his chest in a basket hold. I blinked up at him curiously, but he ignored me and turned toward Mrs. B.

“Mrs. Broussard, why don’t you and James head over to your house and fill each other in on what you know of our history,” Lance stated calmly.

“Uh, Lance,” I asked slowly, drawing out the sound of his name. “Are you going to put me down anytime soon?”

“Nope,” he replied succinctly, and then continued to speak with James and Mrs. B.

“I’m through playing Scooby Doo with this shit, so here is what we are going to do…” his voice was polite but firm as he took charge.

I stared up at him in amazement as he began to compile a comprehensive list of questions he wanted answered before we headed to see Andre at the hospital. His voiced rolled out, smooth and confident, as he listed generic concerns, and then broke them down, identifying where we needed background information to complete specific tasks. Mrs. B and James wore twin expressions of rapture as they listened to him, their heads bobbed in unison as he identified his expectations.

He was the definitive leader, gaining control over a situation that had been uncontrollable thus far. I didn’t hesitate to jump on board as he spoke, but that didn’t really surprise me, I had complete faith in him and his ability to handle whatever curveball was thrown at us.  My mind wandered back to through our relationship and I marveled at the level of trust I had in him after such a short time. Still, I never questioned it and I knew instinctively that I would never need to.

“First thing that we need to do is get Andre back on his feet, he’s part of this and we need him,” his arms tightened around me imperceptibly, but his face remained impassive while he substantiated Andre’s connection to our future.

“I think I’m correct in assuming that there is more to this curse than we had originally thought?”

After receiving simultaneous nods from James and Mrs. B, his brows knit together in a small frown of concentration and he quieted for a moment.

He is so freaking sexy.

I felt a blast of heat and a sultry smile slid across my lips.

My eyes traveled slowly over his face, lingering on the firm lines of his mouth. As I stared, the corners deliberately tilted up into a smirk and I gasped, feeling the heat pool in my belly before burning a path straight south, causing me to wiggle around in his arms.

“Alright, that’s enough for tonight. We should get some rest if we want to be at the hospital for visiting hours.”

Mrs. B and James headed for the front door, I vaguely listened as they discussed what they would start working on, and where James would sleep for the next several days. We had all agreed to stay here until we understood a little more about what was going on and what we could do about it.

Mrs. B had already walked out, but James turned around to blow me a kiss before following her. I laughed at his gallantry and blew him a kiss in return as he turned toward the door.  However, before he made it through, Lance called out to him and waited while he turned back with an expectant look on his face.

“I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. The change that you noticed between Cecelia and me, is due to the merging of our souls,” he stated as if it were the most normal thing ever.

James’ look of shock was priceless, but I actually worried for his health and well-being after Lance’s next bombshell.

“Also, I did not bang Cecelia; you don’t bang someone who makes your soul sing.” He cocked his eyebrow up and grinned, showing off his dimple as he added, “However, you can rest safe knowing that I’ll be making her body sing be tonight.”

Without saying another word, Lance turned and headed toward the bedroom.


Yeah, yeah, I know. You hate me, right?  You know what they say…you can hate the game, but you can’t hate the player.  😉 

Q&A for Catching on Fire, by Sue Knott

1.  What is the title of your book?

Catching On Fire

 2.  What is the genre and age rating?

I like to think it crosses many genres. Since the heroine is 24, it fits best in the New Adult category. But, it also includes romance, adventure, suspense, humor…even a wee bit of a sci-fi/paranormal. (Never met a genre I didn’t like, I suppose.)

 3.  Give a brief synopsis, using your own words.

A young woman discovers that others see the same symbols she has in her head. Since the symbols (Glyphs) feel like they are the solution to the dystopian visions connected to them, the woman (Rachel) sets out to find other seers in an effort to translate the Glyphs’ meaning. She’s also searching for love. And she discovers so many people and events aren’t at all what they seem on the surface.

 4.  Is it part of a series? Is the series completed? What made you decide to do a series rather than an epic?

It is the first in a planned trilogy. The second book is supposed to come out in 2013, but I’m cutting it close, so it may be 2014.

I did a series mostly because an epic project would require organizational and memory skills I simply do not have. Plus, I’m trying to blur the line between fiction and reality.  I’m writing about the present and near future. If I get too far ahead on the future and I’m not accurate in predicting the course of events, that blurry line starts coming into focus.

5.  Visually describe your main character and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.

I’m not big into descriptions. Rachel has a slight frame and is, ahem, well endowed. She’s very self conscious about her chest. And she’s very intuitive. Scarily intuitive, actually.

6.  What are his or her biggest faults? Using a short excerpt from your book, can you show us an example?

No particular scene comes to mind, but Rachel is borderline paranoid. She worries about EVERYTHING.

7.  What are his or her best qualities? Using a short excerpt from your book, can you show us an example?

Well, this would take pages! I tried to make Rachel as Mary Sue as I could get, since that seems to be the popular fiction fad du jour. Except, I wasn’t a very good model for a Mary Sue so I invented a character that combines all the best traits in every young woman I’ve ever admired. Rachel is a pretty amazing character.

8.  Is there a romantic interest for your MC (main character)…or maybe more than one? Would you describe it as antagonistic, angsty, steamy, romantic, and or loaded with sexual tension?

Oh, there are several. Isn’t that how it is in life? There’s either no one or too many choices –but no choice stands out as obviously perfect on most given moments. We run the gamut on relationship styles. I can tell you, when I was writing one scene, I really wanted to have it go further. Not for the book, but for me. If my husband had been with me that night, he would have been a very happy man. Unfortunately, I was out of town at the time. However, I wanted to keep any encounters in the book at a level appropriate for a Young Adult audience. I have lots of high-school aged readers.

9.  Visually describe the romantic interest(s) and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.

There’s an aw-schucks farmboy type with a great, lanky body. A sophisticated middle-easterner with a slightly more compact great body. The farmboy’s brother who is totally ripped. Gee, I’m sensing a theme here.

10.  Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?

I fell for one of the romantic interests. But, I’m not going to say which one. The driver, Faris, turned out to be a kind of a combination bodyguard/father figure. He’s so interesting he got a lot more ink than I intended.

Then there are two young girls, twins, that I hope to have a much larger presence in the second book. That’s actually a bit of a problem right now — they keep stealing the show and taking the second book down a path it’s not intended to go.

11.  Were any of your characters inspired by people you know or have known?

My mother swears Rachel’s grandmother is based on her. But she isn’t. There are some events I’ve borrowed from  my real life (I’ve been in extreme danger at least a dozen times), but no characters based on real people.

12.  Post a short excerpt (1-2 pages max) that you think that readers will love…

I think the first few chapters that you can read as a free excerpt on Amazon give you a good taste for the book. But, to give you a sense of some of the action, here’s an excerpt at the point where Rachel’s world starts spiraling apart:


I could barely drag myself out front. My feet felt like giant blocks of concrete that my wobbly legs couldn’t attempt to lift. Once I heard the shots, I felt like I slipped into an alternate universe. Surely this couldn’t be my world. People did not shoot guns in my world.

I simply wanted to crawl into a corner, curl up in a ball and disappear. I’d been running on adrenalin when I thought that just maybe there might be some way I could help. But now that the shooting had stopped, the thought of facing the aftermath had me paralyzed with fear. I didn’t want to see what happened. If I didn’t see it, I could cling to the hope that everyone might be all right. But, deep inside, I feared the worst. I imagined innocent people sprawled bleeding and dead across the sidewalk. All because of me. Because of my stupid website.

I can’t begin to describe the level of dread I felt walking toward that restaurant door. Would there be children crying for their dead mommies? Or mothers for their children? Would Jim’s involvement in all this cost him his opportunity to get a medical license? I would have been very happy to have the earth explode. For those endless seconds it took to reach the door, the future seemed too difficult to bear.

We peeked out the door. Any sign of physical threat appeared to have ended. The van with the masked gunmen was gone. Three bleeding bodies were strewn across the pavement. A half dozen or more people were out there. One was bent over the evil mother, trying to stop her bleeding. A couple of the others were holding guns on two masked men, which seemed unnecessary. Except for the blood pouring out of them, they were motionless on the pavement.

Jim rushed over to the mother and started tending her wound. He yelled instructions for the others on how to stop the bleeding of the masked men. No one moved, so I went over to apply pressure as Jim directed. One of the others followed suit.

The guy I tried to help appeared to leaking rather than actively bleeding. “Jim, I think he might be dead.”

Many thanks to Sue Knott for giving us a personal tour through her squishy grey matter!!  Okay, that sounds gross…but you get my point.

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