Q&A on Blood Bound, (The Gallows Novels, Book 1), by Sharon Stevenson

1.  What is the title of your book?

Book no 1 of The Gallows Novels is titled ‘Blood Bound’.

2.  What is the genre and age rating?

Modern Fantasy – it’s basically Urban Fantasy in a non-urban setting.  There are as many supernatural creatures as I could cram in!

Despite the ages of the characters, this is an adult novel not recommended for young readers.  Older teens may love it since the profanity adds to the sense of humour!  There’s no graphic sex but there are sexual references and steamy moments so if you’re looking for a nice clean YA read you won’t find it here.

3.  Give a brief synopsis, using your own words.

Okay, so there’s this sarcastic, battle-scarred, kind of unfortunate-looking guy called Shaun who doesn’t really want to be a demon tracker and is pretty lonely.  Then there’s his maniacally cheerful and gung-ho twin sister Sarah who wants to save everyone and is always pushing at her brother to use his powers.  Enter fellow demon tracker and teen temptress Melissa.  See, demon trackers have soul mates they are inexplicably and undeniably drawn to, and Melissa might just be Shaun’s soul mate.  The only thing is she’s basically evil.  It’s just Shaun’s kind of luck.

4.  Is it part of a series? Is the series completed? What made you decide to do a series rather than an epic?

It’s part of an ongoing series.  I created characters I want to keep writing about, it’s as simple as that.

5.  Visually describe your main character and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.


Both twins have dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  Shaun is 6’5” and due to a werewolf attack he has one glass eye with a claw scar around it, and scars covering his upper body.

Sarah is a foot shorter that her brother and is slim and pretty.  She has messy hair and wears dark eye shadow pretty much all the time.

I wasn’t inspired by anyone for them, but I have been asked what actors were most like them looks-wise  before and I came up with John Mallory Asher from Weird Science and Karen Gillian from Doctor Who.

6. What are your his/her biggest character flaws?

Shaun’s reluctance to use his powers is the fault he needs to get past to live up to his true potential.

Sarah’s reckless nature spurs her on to make some ill-advised choices.

7.  What are his or her best qualities? 

Shaun thinks things through before he makes decisions.  He even manages to save his sister from herself occasionally.

Sarah is caring and wants to save everyone.  She does whatever it takes even though it often creates problems in her personal life.

8.  Is there a romantic interest for your MC (main character)…or maybe more than one? Would you describe it as antagonistic, angsty, steamy, romantic, and or loaded with sexual tension?

Shaun is attracted to Melissa but he doesn’t want to be.  He has some powerful lusty feelings he does his best to ignore but she does her best to tempt him.

Sarah’s love life gets complicated.  She has two best friends, Ray & Dev, who both have feelings for her but she’s just started a casual thing with another guy.

9.  Visually describe the romantic interest(s) and provide a picture if you were inspired by an actual person.

Melissa is a busty red-head with dark eyes.  She wears revealing clothes.

Ray is muscular with tattooed arms.  He’s only a little bit taller than Sarah, has long dreadlocks and his eyes are green.

Dev is tall and skinny with floppy dark hair and bright blue eyes.  He has a recent tongue piercing so he’s currently lisping.

10.  Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?

Probably Dev, because he’s a bit of a deviant and is amusing to write about.

11.  Were any of your characters inspired by people you know or have known?

No, I like to make people up from scratch!  I do occasionally realize later I’ve put a quality or quirk in one of the characters that is reminds me of someone I know but it’s never glaringly obvious to me when I’m writing.

Thanks to Sharon Stevenson for giving us a peek into Blood Bound, the first book in her series, The Gallows Novels, which you can find more information about from checking out THIS previous feature!!

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Buy it on Amazon today!


Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves…Oh, my!

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The Gallows Novels are Adult Modern Fantasy, not YA.

These novels are littered with profanity and may be considered sexually rampant by more conservative readers!

**You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? Don’t lie to yourselves, people…you know you are.

The Gallows Novels:

Buy it on Amazon today!

Buy it on Amazon today!

The Gallows Novels, by Sharon Stevenson, are Modern Fantasy books set in an alternate reality Scotland, complete with entirely fictional towns and supernatural entities such as vampires, witches and werewolves.

There are currently two books available, with the third scheduled for release on May 6th.

For more information about Sharon Stevenson and The Gallows Novels, check out her webpage HERE, and her Goodreads author page, HERE